World's First Meme Meta
Kart Racing Game With P2E

Welcome to the future of play to earn games!

Meta Kart Inu brings a whole new gaming experience to its users. World's first NFT meme kart racing game with PLAY-TO-EARN model. Earn NFTs or Crypto prizes while you PLAY.

NFT Character

What could be more fun to PLAY AND EARN with your favorite character.

The value of Meta Kart Inu NFT characters will Boost over time.

This is because the NFT character are created in a Limited Quantity.

NFT Karts

NFT karts are digital assets.

They are tradable and generate income for their owners by participating in Kart Races.

NFT Karts allows the users to enter Multiplayer Game Modes.

Play for FUN

Earn for REAL

Play for FUN Earn for REAL

PVE MODE : This game mode stands for Player vs Environment. PvE is strongly recommended for those who may be new to the game and would like to learn the basics.

PVE MODE : This game mode stands for Player vs Player

LEADERBORD : Every week, players who have a high ranking on the leaderbord are rewarded with attractive prizes

MARKETPLACE : NFT items can be bought and sold both in the Meta Kart Inu marketplace or in any other NFT marketplaces.


    • Concept and Idea
    • Building developer team
    • 3D MODEL building
    • Design gameplay and NFT
    • UI design
    PHASE 1
    • Launch social and website
    • Deploy smartcontract
    • Audit & KYC
    • Presale
    • Launch on Pancakeswap
    • Listing on CMC & CG
    PHASE 2
    • Second audit CERTIK
    • CEX listing
    • Release game DEMO
    • NFT marketplace
    • Partnerships
    • New UI design
    PHASE 3
    • Release game on Test-net
    • Fix bugs and update gameplay
    • Beta game
    PHASE 4
    • More marketing
    • Full game launch
    • Tournaments
    • IOS & Android game release
    • Metaverse integration
    • Second CEX listing
    PHASE 5

Mike H.

CEO, Founder

Rachel D.

3d Modeler & Game Designer

Dana S.

Blockchain Developer

Vasu L.

Game Designer